Monday, August 20, 2007

We Gona Rock, Pete!

So you like Jazzy sounds blended with breakbeats and some thumping basslines? You really have to know Pete . Im telling you guys, pete is the shit yo. Yeah call me old school, some bitches say im living in the past. But you have to agree with me that you cant fucks with a man whos fly till he dies?

He will take you to a warzone anytime and smash you with kicks and snares, He dont need kings, he got Pharoahe's asking him to just do it. He has rza sharp slicing skills and blessed with a gggzarrrrr mind which will make your head rush.

And its always a love thing with that Cl Smooth.

Now get those tracks!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Flava Flav Roast

I'm gonna straight ignore Flava Flav's reality tv career (only cause I've never seen any of them) and just blindly announce that this roast was solely because of his long and illustrious career and the release of PE's latest shit. Some of the funny ones:

Flava Flav Roast: Greg Giraldo
Flava Flav Roast: Jeff Ross
Flava Flav Roast: Jimmy Kimmel

White people are funny. I'm not being racist it's true look at the way they wear their hair. For the others, you know what to do boiii. And I'm not being sexist I don't think Flava Flav popularized any catchphrase for the female specimen. Get back at me if I'm wrong, my number is 1-800-goodlooking.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Public Enemy - How You Sell Soul? (updated with album link!)

That new Public Enemy album is banging like a mufucka. Seriously, it's FRESH. PE has been consistently dropping shit and this is their 10th release and 20th year in the game. Entitled How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul (no kidding), they're back on form sounding the drill alarm to wake up all complacent and ignorant souls yours truly especially included (our forefathers are still fucking pissed homie, what have we been doin' all this while?). Bomb Squad behind most of the beats are as fresh as ever while still incorporating some of their groundbreaking signature sounds. Chuck D and Flava Flav are still what they were two decades ago and more, the right combination to make you go beyond just listening.

Enough said, check out the single, >>> "harder than you think" <<< . I love this song, I was cruisin' on my easy rider the other day when the ductaped boombox blasted it as loud as that girl back in high school. I was possessed by the trademark PE call to arms amidst the orchestra of combative soul horns ("get up and show no fear! get up if you really care!" ringing in my ears), so I grabbed my sword and slayed 50 Cent's ludicrously corny ass (the bullets don't work). So watch yo' step boiiiiiiiiiiii ........... boiiiiiiii.

Update - For you lazy bitches who keep bugging me to upload the album, yes, all two of you father and son - here's the link to the album --> ..|.. <--

Camp Lo - Black Hollywood

Classic first albums are a bitch, I don't even need to explain. Heavily-blaxploited cult hip hop group Camp Lo recently released their third installment Black Hollywood. It's aight though, still immensely overshadowed by the first, not as awful as the second. Some songs are pretty dope but none quite matching the memorability of Uptown Saturday Night gems (luchini, black nostaljack, sparkle, black connection and coolie high are my personal favourites). I'm kind of missin' the "relax yourself and let the sugar lo flow" feel they used to have on most of the songs emcee-wise and beat-wise (although Skibeatz is still responsible for the soundscapes).

But don't worry, technically their flow is still the shit and as usual you don't even need to try and understand the lingo. Most of the beats could still capture that classic "billie holidayin' the foxy browns" feeling too. So forget about it, I'll just let you in on two of the songs I'm digging from this latest album - >"soul fever"< . and >"sweet claudine"< . The former treading familiar grounds with a good ol' soul brotha party track catchy chorus included, SOUL FEEVA! MOW DIVAS! The latter something we don't usually get from the Lo-ah lyrically (which is pretty sweet to me once in a while as it will remind me that these guys are infact actual human beings), putting down the slang barrier and their diamond crook with guns visage then getting quite heartfelt with it. BTW, Pardon me just randomly inserting terms from their lyric sheets in or out of context. End.

Nocando wins Scribble Jam

Scribble Jam rap battle is over and Nocando won! Nice one Nocando. Thanks to SiFu from Emceebattles board, a lot of footages from round 2 onwards are in youtube (find it yourself). While if you click the 28th letter after this, you'll get to the ultimate finale - > Franco Vs Nocando <

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Whatchooknobouddat: Chubb Rock

Don't look at me. I was as in the dark about dude as you are. This is what happens when your early hip hop consumption was all about buying what you could get in Salem Power Station, allowance allowing. Better late than never. This is Chubb Rock:

Treat Em Right (1991)

Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers
with OC and Jeru The Damaja (1995)

Live at the 3rd Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (2007)

And you wonder why I think hip hop sucks in 2007.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gaining (Number) One's Definition

Got this from Azwan Mahzan (who the fuck?) of the JUICE Blog:

"Please, please, please chalk this up as one of my extremely rare I Told You So moments: Common’s latest album, Finding Forever, has debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, selling 157,000 copies in its first week of sales. Billboard Magazine was touting 2007 as the year of conscious rap, and although Com’s sales triumph might be a rather late harbinger, you know I’m not complaining. Make dollars, but more importantly, make sense."

If you ask me, the album was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaite, but not spectacular. Still, it warms my heart to see Com land on top. The Smoking Section called him Chicago's Nas, and that made me smile. And you know it takes a lot to make me smile, bitches.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bringing it back to the roots!

Chuck all those international shit you've been hearing. Put those 40 ringgit cd's away, delete all those itunes you been getting, fade that underground shit you downloaded and claim is the shizznit. How underground you claim those tracks to be, if you dont have these tracks you Malaysian flea bags can go jump from the top of the so called Malaysian eye (bitten from the name London Eye I suppose, We lack originality mayne!) and see what happens after that.

These tracks are what I call Malaysian underground classics. These tracks are my inspiration and they never seem to get old. Well I know there were definately mixtapes and compilations out there being distributed which i've never heard of, but then again these are the only retro once that i've been listening, and the content and the vibe that it gives out is just mad excellent.

The Sicksiderz - Rap Tak Ingat

When I first heard this joint, I was like "Damn! these guys really got lots to say". It was not only that, when I attended a gig some of them cats were spitting the lyrics of this song on some next instrumental. This tracks really have inspired me and even better, I got to know one member from these sicklings and he turned out to be one of the most down to earth person you could ever meet (real underground shit yo!).

Illustrait ft Scoobee & Shockwon- Mind Matters
This track is truly inspirational, the production and content of this one is ace. The vibe that it projects from the vocals fused with the beat is just out of this world. I dont care how much of airplay they got or how much money they made out of this one but this track is excellent. You guys are entitled to your own opinion, this is what I think about this true malaysian classic, yes classic because everytime I write rhymes, its mind over matter for me.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Saigon Kick

I heard Saigon's debut LP is gonna be fully produced by Just Blaze. Whatever, duu deserves to blow up and shit.

Here's the Saigon single from upcoming release "The Greatest Story Never Told" for you to download.

Saigon - don't you baby (production by Just Blaze)

Friday, August 03, 2007

JumpOff Qualifiers (updated)

For those who followed's World Rap Championship last year, they're coming back and the qualifiers are currently ongoing. For those who didn't it's basically a 2on2 acapella freestyle battle competition organized by a UK-based crew in both the UK and U.S.A. (Canada and Australia newly-added this year).

I've checked some of it and turns out most were not so promising. The LA (west coast) division holds a little hope though. I mean last year's champs Thesaurus and Illmaculate represented the fresh coast themselves. Here's a few clips from LA set in Venice Beach (it's too gangsta with helicopters flying around). Watch out for infamous battlers Franco, Lush One and one'a my favourites evvear Nocando. Nocando was AWOL last year, hope he doesn't on this one, it'll be really fun with him. Plus JumpOff be putting up a much larger sum for the prize.

Calligraphy & BJ Vs Nocando & Rhettoric

Lush One & F.L.O Vs Dizaster & Charisma

Random LA shit (Just watch out for Nocando's antics, especially the last one)

You can find more from this and other divisions at youtube. And also the 2006 battles if you wanna trackback (better quality on the JumpOff site though).

I heard the champs are coming back, so the new contestants better step up and represent cause Saurus and Illmac blazed everyone last year. Although with their buddies from the west said/saad joining it this year I'm pretty sure it'll be fire, hope the other divisions bring some heat too. Unfortunately for the UK though, as far as I know the Freestyle Masons aren't involved anymore (Possessed, Respek BA, Stig, and Whashisface). For NY, no sign of Iron Solomon joining despite him being active in a lotta mainstream battles (which is very good for publicity cause now they'll know what's up, Jin has already felt the wrath at Fight Klub). Legendary Hommy Hom reppin' NJ will be back though! (not too sure about Piff James).

UPDATES - Detroit be bringing the shit too.

Quest McCody & Marvwon Vs Encyclopedia Brown & Doomsday

OH YEAH ANOTHER UPDATE BITCHES - wakuhgeahguaehukaekuhga. Quest McCody & Marvwon be making me laugh like a mufuckah. Haven't seen something this funny for a minute. For the battle vs. Encyclopedia and Doomsday, check out verse two where they carry on a rhyme scheme and it's funny as hell. Now go to them vs. Arsonist, check out verse three where they do that "beat yo' ass" thing after Quest set it up in verse two. Wuhkaguekakghekga, funny as fuck. Marvwon was sitting down lazying his ass down and shit till the beat yo' ass part started, wauhkgkaeukga, classic. These dudes do bring a fresh style as everyone else has been jocking the fresh coast shit. Honestly I'm not too familiar with them, I've only seen Quest in a few Spin The Mic clips (especially in the brawl fiasco, don't diss the late Proof in their presence yo) and that's it. They prolly them dudes back in high school who made kids cry just by sittin' they fat asses down and crackin' jokes, waukgukeakuhga. A few quotes:

" could be in detention, at math..
i'd do the arithmetic, and beat yo' ass
you could be landscaping, cuttin' the grass..
am'a wait till you fill the truck up, then beat yo' ass
haha fuck you the whole verse is a quotable go fucking see it.."

I haven't checked out the medley JumpOff did for them. Am about to. JumpOff loads a bit slow though. Can't wait to see them in battle. Honestly there's been a lotta crap but if all the good teams get through the main battle is gon' be the ultimate shit, prolly much better than last year's.

BTW - fuck it yeah, go here for all official footages:-
>> JumpOff.TV World Rap Championship 2007 <<

Other shit. Scribble Jam qualifiers has also began, but they're usually very reserved with the footages, plus I'm too lazy to look for it anyway so fuck it. I haven't even seen the Thesaurus final battle last year.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

10 OK

In conjunction with Pharoahe Monch's latest album released around a month or two ago (could've done it then but this blog was still in sperm-ovum stage at that time), am'a trackback and upload my 10 favourite Organized Konfusion (OK) songs. I did a compilation for my sad lonely self some time last year but will trim it down to 10 tracks for the double R.

For those not in the know, OK is probably the best 90's underground hip hop duo. Comprising Pharoahe Monch himself, and partner Prince Poetry, this commercially ignored group was known for mixing groundbreaking cerebral lyricism with the effects of their ghetto surroundings.

With Pharoahe being one of my favourite emcees ever, OK is definitely a very important movement in the vibration of my eardrums. To me some of the man's craziest verses are in OK songs, and Prince Po' complements him very well. I've read some reviews of his new solo album saying Pharoahe Monch is adopting a new style of more singing, but he's been singing a lot ever since OK, mostly on the hooks, and even in some verses. And this is not just me saying, I've actually read him in an interview addressing this.

Personally, although I discovered solo Pharoahe before OK, I like him the most in his OK days. He was the Ronaldinho of rap (Still is though). He invented all types of flows and raps with every verse, line even. Beatwise, their shit is usually very minimalist and jazzy which is fine with me as it leaves massive room for the emcees to maneuver, and maneu fucking ver they will. So whatever.

>>>> My 10 Favourite Organized Konfusion Songs <<<<

1. Stress
Menacing bassline, menacing instrumental, CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY! STRESS!. You can just picture Pharoahe and Po' on black thrones in the sky waving their hands like a mage conjuring spells as they explain to you what stress is to them.

2. Bring it On
Bring it on muthafucka bring it on!. Another bassline not to be fucked with before the drum begins. In this song you shall witness Pharoahe fucking the flow like it was a Jessica Alba. Give me the PH! give me the AR! give me the OA! give me the HE!

3. The Rough Side of Town
The sample tinkles higher and higher then swings lower again. Just like it, the emcees recite observational up and down street tales in the way street tales should be told.

4. Let's Organize
We're entering the party stage now, with Q-Tip adlibbing then taking over the hooks and good friend OC dropping a verse. You could skip this track but you wouldn't wanna miss an emcee spitting "tiger tiger uppercut" on a funky bassline would you?

5. 3-2-1
Anutha funky one. Can't keep the party out of hip hop cause that's what it's all about, and can't keep the off kilter funk outta Organized Konfusion cause that's what they started their careers with. Check it out! help me out! to ma peoples in pj clap yo' hands! to ma peoples in ampang clap yo' hands! to ma peoples in cheras clap yo' hands! 3 strikes! 2 tokes! 1 time for yo' mind!

6. Fudge Pudge
This is a fun track. Beat might seem a bit mellow but watch out for the playful verses. OC is in this too. YEAH YEAH YEAH!

7. Black Sunday
One of the best sung hook evva (by now you should realize they hooks are the shit). Lorrddd help me out nowww we gottaa get tu gevvvaaa we gotta orrrrganaaazzzz, nooo mattaaaa the weavaaaaa, it's a black sun dayyyyyyy. Each emcee with stories of life and living. About being who they are, and how it is while at the same time, tryna get the music out. Shit is hard, you know? You gotta be feelin' this dawg. I'm feelin' it. You know what it is, it is what is known.

8. Maintain
We gotta mainntainnnn! Anotha song about they lives, but more personal. And with H.E.R. all up in everybody doing her, most of it will definitely revolve around the music. We gotta mainntainnnn! keep ya head up! Watch out for how Pharoahe starts his verse, that's some nice sing-a-singy before he kicks into the rawer part, HAH! I love the "why are they watching me buy my juice? why must they clock me buy my juice, just give me my change and please put my change in my hand man would you listen to me if I didn't have a tan?" part, a simple outcry delivered in a very outstanding way, I sound so gay, anyway (which emcee/rapper wouldn't be gay for Pharoahe?), it goes into a brief expression of anger before he steps back into a nostalgic melody. Dayum.

9. Why
You just can't go wrong with jazzy basslines and horns (oh and watch out for the cool bassline transitions). Why you tryna play me though? out like a sucka!. "used to do my chores now you're acting like a whore". You know what this songs's all about. "gossiping with the next about the next, loved to cover her neck, for stress gave her a cat as a pet". You have to know by now. I love how Pharoahe and Po would always inject very personal references into the rhymes yet still maintain their chemistry and the mood of the song. Fuck it I just love how they flow about their lives and shit. You can ignore the lyrics cause the flows are just lovely but if you start paying attention you'll just .. argh love it.

10. Invetro
This is the only song in this compilation taken from the last album they did together. It's a conceptual song about you guess what. In the same vein as their "stray bullet" song (which I somehow didn't include but get it if you don't already have it suckas) but with a different scenario and subject matter altogether. They did these typa concepts before your favourite emcees, yo. And even though complex conceptual songs are usually very nerdy and boring and like whuteva bla bla bla (to me, at least), never the case with OK. Pariyapdaariyaaaaa, dududu yeah yeahhhhhh.



Is it too much to ask for a reunion?

Anotha Wu Plug

Wu-Tang Clan interview on Bodog Music.

Wu members talk in their trademark grammar harrassing speech impediments about workin' together, they fans, they european tour, the late Old Dirty Bastard's passing, and 8 diagrams.

It's like 20 minutes. If you're too lazy to watch here are the quoted highlights:

"8 emcees? that's like a gangbang, yo, we give gang-bangs" - The soundtrack crafting RZA, hinting at porn movie producers.

"yeah it's always hard to work together, fuck yeah, fuck these niggaz, *laughs*" - Method Man, I can smell the weed from here.

"emceein' to me is easier than breathin', and makin' beats is easier than peein'" - The RZA advertising his well lubricated peehole.

"something something bla bla bla hardcore bla something bla hardcore bla hardcore bla bla bla hardcore something something" - U-God trying very hard to forget his last try at crunk.

"the whole music industry is twisted on it's fucking ead (I'm not so sure what word he used here actually), and britney spears shave they head, that's how i know the apocalypse is comin'" - Method Man being prophetic.

"we got a following.. that's big.. it's bigger than us" - Inspectah Deck, in a fine display of an emcee's way of complimenting.

"we got 16 year olds comin' at us" - U-God, in a moment the oldest and pedoest member of my crew would snicker at (I mean come on, 16? that's way too old).

"insert Method Man impersonating europeans badly" - Method Man should be in stand-up comedy.

"you can see they titties in the afternoon.." - Method Man praising europe for the right reason.

"2pac, biggie ... if you think those bruthaz was rare? ODB was super rare" - The RZA treating the late ODB like a vinyl.

"erybody bringin' they piece to tha o' tha puzzle to tha to tha to tha to tha to tha to tha table, they form voltron" - U-God trying his best to not use the phrase "glide like a condor" but still failing to avoid deja-vuing.

"insert The RZA talking some energy sun abbot books calculation elements shit about 8 diagrams and ending it with something that sounded like bong bong" - The RZA, and me totally losing my spaceship of attention.

"insert The GZA saying something real serious and wise, and looking really wise" - The GZA, you know that won't work after "konichiwa, bitches" and "diversify your bonds, nigga". Blame Chapelle.