Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hahu. This is the Rogue Squadron -_- Mixtapz! We're giving it away for FREE at the Unity Concert @ Hokkien Hall Klang tomorrow (well today really) evening. And maybe at other hip hop gigs to come like KL Undercover 2 for instance. We might net-lease it sometime soon too.

It features some remixes, some singles from upcoming releases, some unreleased singles, and some just fuck around in a mixtape songs. It's dope, I've listened to it thousands of times d lolwut. WATCH OUW! WATCH OUW!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pacewon is back?!

Pacewon, one of my fav emcees many years ago after I heard his 'i declare war' song on a pirated rap compilation audio cd (bless you lanuns). His big breakout however was actually on the Fugees song 'cowboys' along with Tha Outsidaz (Jersey crew) homie and homiezette Young Zee and Rah Digga. He's dope, you know, his swagger is untouchable, his voice and flow too.

I read around that he's back and has formed an Eric B Rakim Gangstarr influenced duo with DJ - Mr. Green.

Check out a video of their song 'hip hop' on youtube. Pacewon is still fucking sick as fuck.

Pacewon and Mr. Green - hip hop

And let's backtrack on two of his dopest hits from yesteryears:

Pacewon - i declare war

Outsidaz - the rah rah

Bonus brand nooh track: Outkast feat. Raekwon - royal flush (this is fiyyahh)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Nicolay & Kay - Time:Line

Is one of the latest highly rated independent releases. Nicolay is widely known as the dutch producer behind The Foreign Exchange (with Phonte of Little Brother as the collaborating emcee). No idea who Kay is but apparently he has been Nicolay's friend and musical comrade for quite some time.

This album is pretty dope. Production sounds fresh despite a lotta classic hip hop influences. Kay is not bad at all, too. There is some kind of concept runnin' which might sound a bit pretentious and complex but it's not really, this shit is simply good beats and good rhymes. Forget about it. Get it.

And if you're too lazy to check out a whole album. Here's my favourite track from this album.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rogue Radio Sessions 2.5 Da Takeova

ROGUE RADIO SESSIONS 2.5. It's DA TAKEOVA! It's a glitch in the rogue radio system. hqa and roguestahz Jin hackman, Familyboy, NBE held WordsManifest hostage, finished his Pringles, plain water supply, and chilled in the Archetype Lab while occasionally talking to the mic, playing songs and breaking a world record - for the newest installation in this heavenly series of podcasts.

Tracks played this time around include new shits from Pete Rock, Jim Jones, Kool G Rap, Johnson&Jonson, Jazz Liberatorz and more, a buncha regional tracks by dope groups from MY (Triniti, Familyboy, SSK, and a rare track from a local scene legend), SG (Xscapists), and INDO (Madrotter, Morgue Vanguard, D'army, Kryptik, Fish), and some old school throwbacks including hip hop before hip hop was even born. Wuzzat? download that shit then innit.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Some new shit, homie - Rakim, Del, Atmosphere, Blu, Pete Rock, and Nujabes

Rakim - it's nothing (leak)
Off the upcoming album The Archive: Live, Lost & Found. God emcee is still god emcee. But honestly this beat is a little annoying. Check it out anyhow just cause it's fucken Rakim.

Updated: Got a link on this shit forgot it's already out. Here it is.

Del - bubble pop
Off his upcoming shit with Def Jux - Eleventh Hour. It's pretty dissapointing though. Del sounds unenthused, where's his excitement and rhythm? I've heard the same comments about some other songs which leaked. I would love to grunt 'Def Jux please don't fuck it up', but it seems more like 'Del you still on that crizzack?', the beat wasn't too bad. I don't know doggs. Let's just hold the judgement off until shit drops, hoping the album as a whole won't be as dull as two or three tracks. We all miss fucking Deltron.

Atmosphere - Strictly Leakage
Album for the fans before the propah album When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold. Can't front I was an Atmosphere fan. Was. This one's for tha still-fans, aight.

C.R.A.C, Knuckles (Blu and Taraach) - love don't (leak)
I just posted up Blu's presumably latest project Johnson&Jonson a while ago and he's already got newer shit coming. Dude is on a roll. He's deffo capitalizing on all the underground hype he's gettin'. For this project he partners up with Taraach. I don't know much bout the other dude, but I know he rhymed in the 'juice n' dranks' song on Blu's shit with Exile. That's prolly the first taste of C.R.A.C. Knuckles we got. Listening to this 'love don't' track, it ain't too bad, we'll see how it goes. Shit drops april.

Pete Rock - NY's Finest
You might notice producer-based albums featuring various emcees being the hip hop trend right now seeing as it's hard for individual emcees/groups to get some play with all the pop shit ruling the charts. But Pete Rock's been doing it for a while now. Here's his latest offering. It's still Soul Brotha like no otha banging. The Jim Jones track is ballin! Jim Jones should do more songs on hip hop beats.

Nujabes - Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection
Now this ain't too brand new. But just for those who haven't checked it out yet. Nujabes, beat conductah who was involved in most of the instrumentals for anime series Samurai Champloo which is how I got to know of him. I was watching that shit and dem intros and outros and background music were sweet as fuck. Especially the shits he did with dancehall Jap singer Minmi, one was the junglish ending credits music, another shit was from the ost album, real dope. This shit is his latest proj released around november last year. I'm still listening to it, I've already checked out the song with CL Smooth when it came out. It's dope and all, got the right vibe runnin' for The Mecca Don, but it seems Nujabes still has the same problem he had with most of his albums, beat too loud overpowering the vocals. Wouldn't be much of a nuisance if it was MF Doom rhymin' on everything. Well whatever.

For an idea of his shit, here's the Samurai Champloo ending credits. And after that Minmi's live performance of it, pretty prettty nice.

Nujabes feat. Minmi - shiki no uta (song of seasons)

Minmi - shiki no uta (song of seasons) (live)