Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bakdatang Video!

Oh yes it is!

It's the long-awaited video for The Rebel Scum's "bakdatang", featuring Rogue bwoyz Saph and Nbe from SSK, and Spit from the most legendariest ever crew Naughtius Maximus and Ruffneck Clique.

If you haven't already watch it and I hope you enjoy it, if you do do comment, if you don't comment as well lah.

Rogue Squadron wins Favourite Overseas Act @ Hope Awards

Sorry late update ahh. erm, yeah! we won favourite overseas act at the Hope awards organized by dem dewds that bought us to singapore early this year 65 & hope.

This is our acceptance speech kinda:

We're basically grateful to everyone especially Fazli and 65 & Hope, our managuz Lady D and Ili FM, everyone everyone everyone, everyone who voted, everyone who supported us, you, you, and you. How nice to receive an award from dem lovable singaporeanz. We hope to see you dewds & dewdettes again soon cause yallz is the shiet fuhreel.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Buff Nuff!

I Haven't been writing for a long time, I just came across this video a few days ago, and I totally have to share it with you guys.
These days its not just the 'Ice' that you wear around ur neck, Its the whole fucking ICE CREAM TRUCK!

ma ma ma MANUVAAA!!!