Monday, September 24, 2007

WRC 2007 Highlights (so far...)

The regular season of JumpOff.TV's World Rap Championships 2007 has started and around three rounds of battles have popped off propa. It's dope so far with maybe only one division sucking ass. I would say although there's a lot of swagger jacking of last year's champions' style there's also a lot of battlers kickin' sick unique styles, kinda balances it out and shit. I'll go through each division though. Note: please if you don't care about battles just check out the Detroit division for Marvwon and Quest Mcody, they are really entertaining on a level beyond rap battlin'.

Didn't watch a shit from this division, people say it sucks but I'm not gonna say anything cause I viewed fuck all.

Prime/Purpose as expected did good along with another pair Anecdote/360. I would say Anecdote/360 do use that now-annoying multi-syllabic style but they pull it off really well/naturally and Anecdote especially is a dope freestyler who comes up with some ridiculous rhymes off the top. Honourable mentions include young dude Illyak for his potential and Dragonfly for being annoying/getting told to back the fuck up by Anecdote. Anecdote/360 vs Prime/Purpose is the major highlight of this division so far with all four emcees dropping sick bars non stop

Didn't watch too many battles from this side except the ones involving Madd Illz/Parable and I would say Whisper/Ishues who battled them just recently came quite nice. That battle was pretty banging'.

I was hatin' on London because of the mad amount of whack dudes in qualifiers but the 2006 alumni who didn't do too good last year thanks to the freestyle masons impressed me. All of them have improved their shit and held their own for the UK with the absence of the masons. G-Dash and King Jordz were one of my favourites last year but didn't have the best deliveries, that's changed, they're cult. Kulez has improved the most though, he's just dope with it now timing everything better and less screaming. His partner Spitz Semis who I remembered got served in last year's qualifier by that vicious dude Possessed is holding his own this time around. Arkaic has improved and his new partner Eugh has better chemistry but I'm gonna hate on Arkaic for no reason, prolly cause of the big nose and that he's a Possessed wannabe. Check out for the Kulez team vs Arkaic team that's gotta be one of the most heated and personal battles in the whole season.

New York
Some people have claimed New York to be the best division, I'll have to disagree. Frankie keep on wappin/Jaze something are the most loathsome Thesaurus/Illmac swagga jackaz evva. Hom and Piff James came nice as expected but if you thought they could never get more blunted than last year, you're horribly wrong. Syanide is dissapointing, he has no excuse now no more Majesty cause Dizaster (who flew all the way from LA after not qualifying) his partner is dope. Another team that's pretty dope is Tahoe/Killenm (I'm biggin' 'em up prolly causea tha Dipset-like swagger). Oh and not to forget Critical/Madness with the best gay jokes you'll ever get to hear. But overall I thought NY despite being the birthplace of hip hop, was pretty dissapointing.

Haha this is the division I couldn't wait to write about. MARVWON AND QUEST MCODY MUTHAFUCKAH, BEAT YO ASS, DIRTY ASS NILLA GO WASH YOW GODDAMN NECK, YOU A BUM. But before we get into that I'll go into the others first. Mr Cliffnote/Hostyle are my second favourites in this division, they're jokes, they both have amazingly calm but effective and funny deliveries. Subverse is that other dude I check out sometimes, dope white lumberjack dude but his partner is a benign cyst.

Back to that ultra good shit. Marvwon and Quest Mcody, my favourite. Their first battle was just okay for their standard, prolly cause they were facing quite good opposition Mr Cliffnote/Hostyle of course, it's a funny battle, if you hate battles just go and see it only for the part where Marvwon goes "dirty ass nilla go wash yow goddamn neck" or "you two twat nerds, your whole life is a long scene from you got served". Seriously, twat nerds? wakhgkaeuhkguekaga. The second battle is back to qualifiers form (maybe even betta), dope as fuckawhatfuck, Quest was goin' against his own cousin too. I don't wanna be quotin' nuttin' or even sayin' nuttin' no more just fucking SEE IT. No seriously, WATCH IT. No fuck you, CLICK ON THIS, BEATCH. And make fucking sure yow ass VIEW IT till the end cause the last line's a fucking major clownin'. YOU TWAT NERDS.

Los Angeles
Illmaculate/TheSaurus are predictably burning with murder trails but still this division could prolly be the most challenging if not just simply the best. We have cats like Lush One/Flo just cooly freestyling their asses off showcasing their experience droppin' some hot lines like Lush's infamous "when it comes to clans he chooses Ku Klux over the Wu Tang" line to Franco (who is overrated to me but it's just me, on some no-reason hatin'). There's also the Project Blowed (LA) cats like new jacks Dumbfoundead/Sahtyre who are pretty funny on some clownin' shit, and Nocando/Rheteric with Nocando doing pretty good despite unfortunately having to carry his partner throughout most of the battles. Can't mess with these cats yaw they're really skillful. No particular battle to highlight cause anything involving these cats I've mentioned are usually fire and as I'm typing this I noticed a Lush One/Flo vs Illmaculate/TheSaurus battle link already up, should be sick, am'a be checking that one out after this for sho'.

At first I thought Toronto would suck but there's one pair that really impressed me, Poorich/Kid Twist. Poorich is this wigga with a really cool swag and a bit of Iron Solomon resemblance. Kid Twist is totally 100% white complete with the nasal voice, the dull way he dresses, the way he walks in a straight and robotic manner, the way he holds out his hands with no rhythm whatsoever, his fucking comedic posture, etc but he's dope as a muthafuckah. He's always coming out with the funniest shit, so his nonchalant whiteness basically adds but only a little magical touch to the funniness. Check out this battle cause those other dudes got clowned especially Leonidas dude, beard jokes galore. This battle is dope cause I hate Aspire/Prolific, them vs Wappin/Jaze JumpOff make it happen! I assure you Aspire/Prolific got knocked the fuck down, everytime they came with some supposedly clever antics (like the mocking and the predicting) Poorich/Kid Twist flipped that shit up back to they faces. Don't ever try to diss Twist's nasal vocal projection again beatch.


Aight that's all the division covered. Here's a few thing I'd like to point out so far before I sign-out:

  • Best after-battle interviews: Marvwon/Quest Mcody, Poorich/Kid Twist, Anecdote/360, Critical/Madness.

  • Best swaggers: Marvwon, Quest Mcody, Purpose, Hom.

  • Most loathsome swagga jackaz: Wapper/Jaze, Aspire/Prolific, some other random dudes from other divisions.

  • Most improved: Kulez.

  • Hottest JumpOff chicks: UK chick on Scarr's left-side, I dunno it's just cute the way she reacts in battles, NY chicks not bad at all but looking a bit high maintenance, shoutout to asian looking chick in Melbourne and Miss Erica of Detroit.

  • Gay-bashing kings: Critical/Madness.

  • Most blunted: Hom, no contest.

  • Funniest after-battle interview moment: Kid Twist munching a power bar, selamba (there's no other way to describe this I'm sorry non malaysian-slang knowing peoples) face, saying shit like "all my verses are quotables".

  • Times some dude got clowned for rhymin' before it was his turn: From the battles I've seen, 2, one was Aspire gettin' clowned by Poorich, the other was some dude gettin' it from MaddIllz.

  • When I laughed the hardest: Marvwon's last line in his team's second battle

Peace out.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grim and graphic tale

DC Comics' imprint Vertigo has just released MF Grimm's graphic memoir, Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm early this month. The book chronicles the eponymous rapper's life from his days as an extra in Sesame Streets to the shooting that rendered him immobile for the rest of his life, often in non-linear fashion. Illustrated by Ronald Wimberly, whose only other work I've seen was in Lucifer, the black and white art expresses what Percy Carey's narrating prose can't. If you're tired of autobiographical graphic novels by white people who led pretty tame lives (the indie scene is full of these), this should be an interesting alternative even if Hip-Hop isn't your thing.

Hip-Hop has always had an affinity for trash culture (I'm speaking from a contextual perspective here) even before it was made hip. From referencing Shaw Brothers' kung-fu flicks to rappers naming themselves after comic book characters. So this really didn't come off as a surprise to me, I've been waiting for Hip-Hop and comics to coalesce into something for years. Rumour has it MF Grimm's relationship with DC is pretty tight, expect him to do something for them that is within the DC universe next time.

Download the preview here;

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some MY Updates

It's not where you from it's where you at, so am'a ignore muh Staten Island background and throw muh MY (that's Malaysia) fist up. So here are a few updates on what's happening locally, if I missed anything at all holla. And read until the end or me BEAT YOW ASS.

The King of MY himself recently released a mixtape as a prelude to his upcoming album "First Among Equals". It's quite nice, especially for longtime fans (me included) of his group Teh Tarik Crew as there's a live cut of one of their classics in it. And if you wanna hear some of his latest tracks or Altimet just spitting on your favourite instrumentals traditional hip hop mixtape style better get that shit innit. To download go to his myspace here.

Dose Two
These dudes have been busy recording songs for their upcoming album "Ordinary Heroes" and putting up some audios up in their AMP. In a span of around 5-6 months (I think) they've dropped 3 songs on the internet - aeroplane, paradise feat. SonaOne, and on a lighter note feat. SonaOne. Them songs are pretty dope, my personal favourite is aeroplane which includes other than the trademark fancy flows, a very nice hook. Also check out the songs featuring SonaOne as he's not just nice on the boards, on the mic as well. So go to their AMP and get a coupla listens and shit.

They recently released their latest album "Warisan Senikata Malaya", We (TRS) couldn't make it to the launch as we had a show in Singapore but some Rogue Squadron fucks were there and so was our boss Lady D. They've got a few songs up on their AMP including their hit first single adikku pandai menari so check 'em out.

KLG Sqwad
Well on their way to releasing one of MY's most anticipated album "Labor of Love", these Klang dudes recently released a song entitled freedom. I haven't heard them perform it live yet as I've missed a coupla shows but don't worry bout it they've got it up on their AMP. So peep that good shit.

Yin Yang
Gotta pay respect to the OG of internet audio releases, don't front he's one of the local pioneers. In the midst of putting out a follow up to his First Verse EP Yin Yang has released a song entitled camwhore 101, that's an amusing title but I sense some angst in the track too. It's a nice song nonetheless, an odd topic to rhyme about on a clubby beat which is why it's good. Head on here to check it out.

Mr. Ruffneck's single undisputed is getting a lotta airplay from local radio stations. I've seen him perform it a few times and it is going to be included in his next album which I think is going to be way better than his debut solo LP judging by the songs he's revealed so far. Go to his AMP to check 'em all out.

..and last but not least Rogue Squadron Representahh:

These rogue mufukuz have been busy recording songs as well in their trademark street malay lingo rap style. 1/2 of SSK - NBE, a second ago released on the internet a rough mix of his mc struggle song featuring yours truly on the hook - it's an emotional song but NBE avoids being corny by not taking it too seriously through incorporating some humorous but sharp as an arrow with a sharp tip that's sharp as a muthafucka lines.

Later on, he joins up with Saph to form SSK and posesi mc is born. This track, set on a pretty dope beat is almost like a follow up to their double trouble verse on The Rebel Scum's bakdatang cause they prolly knew we wanted more. Along with those pure malay battle rap wordplay and punchlines, there's something else on display here which is what I loved most about this song - chemistry. Check that shit out beatch.

..That's all for now folks. Folk that shit.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

whatchooknobouddat: Organized Konfusion


Organized Konfusion feat. OC - Fudge Pudge

Passing Grades

Aesop Rock
None Shall Pass
Definitive Jux

There was always a problem with my giving Aesop Rock a personal five-mic rating. I know he's one of the best emcees in the game right now, but if anyone were to ask me how I know it, I wouldn't be able to answer them properly. Of course he's got that sick flow that's halfway between a drunk southern auctioneer and a demonically-possessed weed junkie whose last visit from an exorcist is way overdue. But what the hell is he saying? Granted, his content comes so thick and dense you might need a few dozen listens to get about half of what he's trying to say. And his previous beat choices were always hit and miss for me: for every 'Daylight' there was a 'Mars Attacks', even though Blockhead is definitely an excellent lab partner.

But with his latest album None Shall Pass, all reservations melt away. Aes Riddock. comes. with. IT. I got an inkling of how funk-drenched an Aesop Rock track can be when I first heard 'Fast Cars Danger Fire and Knives', but NSP is like the destination. Mad, mad beats. I even like the electro-flavoured title track. Blockhead is back on the boards, plus one track produced by El-P ('Gun For The Whole Family') with Mr. Meline sounding fresh again, post-I'll Sleep When You're Dead, and no less than five beats by Aes himself. 'Citronella' hits you hard over the head, demonstrating Aes's understanding that his convoluted flow needs to be tempered by instrumentation that doesn't get in his way. But my personal favourite is surprisingly the song featuring Cage and Breeze Brewin, 'Getaway Car'. I usually avoid Cage like the plague, but he's nice on this one, and the hook? Damn. I need to stop. None Shall Pass just pulled Def Jux out of art house snobbery status, and I'm glad a label with so much potential - even after almost 10 years of existence - has produced an album that retains its grassroots relevance. Git it.

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

Kanye West
GOOD Music/Roc-A-Fella/Island Def Jam

Okay, I don't think I'm going to write as long for this one as I did for the album above, because most of yall biatches know about this album alerady, unless you've been living on Uranus and/or are totally and completely on Fiddy's dick. Graduation is beyond a doubt Kanye West's tour de force as a musician, the culmination of what he has been trying to make the world understand since The College Dropout - "I'm kind of a big deal". And he is, loathe as I am to admit it. There will never be a day when I'll agree with Common when he proclaimed Kanye "the new Primo", but I don't see myself calling some new cat "the new Kanye" anytime soon either. In an age when rap artists on Billboard are in full-blown denial about the pop nature of their music, Kanye embraces it and crafts urban pop that transcends put-on macho posturing. He's not out for blood, he's just out for awards, and he deserves them.

Graduation is not a perfect album, and I think some of the reviews it's received are a little over the top. 'Champion', for example, is straight up annoying. And did Eminem write the hook for 'Drunk and Hot Girls', featuring Mos Def? But cuts like 'Can't Tell Me Nothing', 'Stronger' (word to Daft Punk) and 'Good Life' featuring a non-irritating T-Pain deserve their props. Even 'Barry Bonds', a nonsensical bragging-rights track featuring Lil' Wayne, sounds good for what it's worth. Yeezy holds back the real emotional content he's notorious for until the last two songs, and he lets loose about two things he really feels strongly about: Chitown on 'Homecoming' (with Coldplay's Chris Martin) and 'Big Brother', an ode to Jay-Z - a rather large blip on mainstream hip hop's gaydar, but fuck you it's a good song, even though it's a little like listening to a very private conversation. But that's how Kanye is, I guess. At least he does it well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Same Brain

From Left to right Slinga, Crucifix, V.E.X and Redmaster

This is some good hip hop for your soul people, they've been around for quite sometime. They are as hardcore as they get around here. I only heard of them when I met Crucifix at my work place, I passed him a TRS EP and he gave me links to his crew and pass me few tracks of his own via MSN. I was mad amazed, I would put these guys next to Phi Life cuz they are really really good.

He's a lyrical phenomenon. He's not only a lyricist but also a English Degree Holder. He schools cats about words for god's sake. He's currently working on his album and it will be the bomb when it drops, best belive that. Also look out for a track I produced for him Entitled Dominance. Frequently check Here for updates

Redmaster is another lyrical genius, he's not only a lyricist but has mad production skills. He produced all the tracks on the Same Brain mixtape. His album entitled --I'm Right You're Wrong-- Produced by Beat butcher is Ace. If you like the album sampler and you got the extra cash.
Cop that shit!

How many of you cats would actually write 1000 bars that makes sense and record it?
V.E.X did it and the track was given out for free. Thats how much love these cats have for hip hop. Writing 1000 bars and recording it aint easy and you know that!
Click here to download
He has also released a number of mixtapes online for free!
Get them here

Shotslinga has "a couple of single's been floating about, but not realeased." Another sick rapper who spits vividly in this Same Brain family. I like his flows and his voice. Check some of his tracks out here

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blu & Exile (updated), Wu Heaven & Hell Razah

Let's pick up on a few things ova heah:

Blu & Exile - Below The Heavens
New release, a duo from the west coast - emcee & beat conductah. You could say soundwise they're carrying on the legacy of groups like The Pharcyde, Slum Village, or Little Brother. I've been listening to them on and off, I won't have the songs playing all over in my mind while I'm taking a shit but it's still quite nice. Blu keeps it very personal with his rhymes yet manages to sport an angle we can all relate to, and his flows are very well executed. Exile's productions are soulful, jazzy, and sweet. His sample cutting is pretty neat, often playing around with vocals to match what blu is babbling about - they've got chemistry, one does not override the other.

I found an ALBUM DOWNLOAD LINK lying around on the internet.But if you wanna just check out tracks I gots the hookup, here are two songs available on youtube that I kinda like:-

Blu & Exile - my world is (driving beat with a running bassline, well-timed vocal samples, nice).

Blu & Exile - dancing in the rain (this songs reminds me of old Atmosphere for some reason).

Update: some random dude nicknamed iconoclast ova hear linked me up with a Blu & Exile video from youtube. It's pretty nice, real smooth serene goes really well with the song. It's for the song soul amazin', here it is:

Also check out this vid of him and his crew Johnson & Jonson, it's pretty smooth as well:

Wu Tang single available for download
Wu Tang's single "Watch Your Mouth" leaked on the internet. Listening to it, the DJ Scratch beat didn't enthuse me that much but emcee-wise Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and Inspectah Deck were notably blazing it. It's nice to hear Deck spitting like he used to, was worried with the recent change to his voice (intensity gone) visible in live shows and in that Wu song from Ghost's Fishscale. If this album does not suck we could be well looking at a good year-end what with PE returning back to form and all.

Raekwon & Ghostface - heaven & hell
A blast from the past if you will. "Heaven & hell" was and is still my favourite joint off Raekwon's classic album OB4CL. Thing is I didn't realize there was a VIDEO for it. Oh yes it's a sweet video. That grimy shaolin soul, that Wu chillin chillin, those timbaland boots, that infamous Rae-Ghost one-two-one-two, projects-fancy restaurants-projects cut cut cut, ny chicks, puerto ricans, that Wu walk, and most of all that 90's grain. Goosebumped my ass up and shit. Sigh.

And then on Youtube's related section, I noticed a remake featuring Raekwon himself by a broad named Joy Denalane. Yeah, a REMAKE which was totally overlooked by most, released in 2006 by a chick who's supposedly half german half black or suttin' (the mix is the shit). It's not bad at all, plus she's quite cute, in an independent single mom sorta way.

Hell Razah - Renaissance Child
Raising hell with a flavah. Hell Razah, who was a member of Wu affiliated Sunz of Man released an album entitled "Renaissance Child" earlier this year. I'm still in listening mode cause I just got it yesterday, seems pretty sweet so far. To those who haven't checked this shit out, here are a few tracks I've uploaded:

Hell Razah - project jazz feat. Talib Kweli and MF Doom (very very dope, MF Doom-styled beat, dope voices and flows).

Hell Razah - renaissance feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Timbo King and R.A. the Rugged Man (woah slow down, dude prolly has some of the dopest features, R.A. the Rugged Man was especially killing this shit, trademark gritty Wu fam instrumental).

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Favourite Pairs from WRC 2007 Qualifiers

Quest McCody / Marvwon
"I heard she sucks a good dick and can hook a steak up" wakugkaehkuhgeaga. BEAT YO ASS. Enough said. I have never laughed this hard viewing battles. These Detroit dudes are the funniest and they style is fresh.

Nocando / Rheteric
Representing LA and Project Blowed, Nocando is one of the most unique battlers. His trademarks include random whatever comes to mind freestyling and original angles when shooting insults. Dude is just crazy and he also just won the recent Scribble Jam 2007. His partner seems vato-ish, well if only just to balance it all up, can't fuck with a nerd+vato combo.

Lush One / Flo
Pimp and old school hustla. Lush One is from the infamous school of Fresh Coast. Flo has a more old school brotha style, but he's quite funny with the insults, that's his simple old school formula -> flow + diss the fuck outta your opponent.

Prime / Purpose
Ozzies! Haha, with the UK sucking real bad I guess their convict cousins are taking over. I mean Justice (allthough I wasn't a fan) won Scribble Jam 2005. These two dudes however appeal to me as they have a really lubricint flow quite similar to WRC 2006's Scottish hobo Respek BA (one of my favourites) coupled with deliveries that scream "i'm not even trying". They've got lines for days too.

Can't wait for the main battles. This year is hopefully going to be much better.

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