Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rogue Radio Sessions 2.5 Da Takeova

ROGUE RADIO SESSIONS 2.5. It's DA TAKEOVA! It's a glitch in the rogue radio system. hqa and roguestahz Jin hackman, Familyboy, NBE held WordsManifest hostage, finished his Pringles, plain water supply, and chilled in the Archetype Lab while occasionally talking to the mic, playing songs and breaking a world record - for the newest installation in this heavenly series of podcasts.

Tracks played this time around include new shits from Pete Rock, Jim Jones, Kool G Rap, Johnson&Jonson, Jazz Liberatorz and more, a buncha regional tracks by dope groups from MY (Triniti, Familyboy, SSK, and a rare track from a local scene legend), SG (Xscapists), and INDO (Madrotter, Morgue Vanguard, D'army, Kryptik, Fish), and some old school throwbacks including hip hop before hip hop was even born. Wuzzat? download that shit then innit.

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samlaleo said...

flyer memang cun :)