Friday, August 29, 2008

DJ Layzr and DJ Intake @ DMC Malaysia

I just got this news. DJ Layzr and DJ Intake were #2 and #3 respectively at the recent DMC Malaysia. DJ Ceza snatched the top spot. However DJ Layzr will be representing Malaysia in World DMC England as Ceza is not a native.

Nonetheless, congratulations to them!

Here are some pics from Cliq:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jin Hackman hacking men

Here are some Jin Hackman freestyle videos just upped on youtube.

First is the cypher at Xfresh's X-Gig III (in which The Rebel Scum + SSK + Jin Hackman performed at) where he killt it:

Next I think a few days later is this freestyle battle organized by Vandal at Cloth & Clef. The turnout was only two emcees so Jin had to face this dude named Shawn J if not mistaken. Judge for yourselves homes:

Pwnge? hehe.

p/s: Sorry for the updateless streak. Me personally haven't been listening to any new hip hop at all. However just today I managed to get GZA's and Ice Cube's latest shit so I'll be checking those out first after having ignored new hip hop releases for a long fucking time.

Malaysian Hip Hop

Everybody must join this one!

Set up by Emceedavid who resides and alerts us of nearly everything that's up in MY hip hop @ the Malaysian Emcee blog.

I hope this will be the return of a community we used to have. I mean nowadays we only get to properly communicate during gigs and those don't come too often, we still need this shit to keep us united and as a platform to learn new things and help other dudes learn new things too nahmeen.

So click - MALAYSIAN HIP HOP - and join aight.


After distributing it by hand for quite a long time and hoping someone would pirate it out to the internet not realizing WGAF about Rogue Squadron haha. I guess we have to net share it out ourselves.

Here it it:

Rogue Squadron -_- Mixtapz